Peppermint / Tencel 14/2 Lace Yarn

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Peppermint / Tencel 14/2 Lace Yarn
Peppermint / Tencel 14/2 Lace Yarn

50% Peppermint

50 % Tencel 

This is a fine lace yarn 14/2 ....700 metres per 100 gm . Nice off white colour , lustrous and strong making it perfect to weave , crochet and dye.

Yarn Features:

natural,   healthy,   anti-bacterial

1, anti - bacterial : above 90% antibacterial rate
2, cooling effect:  transient cool feeling of Q-MAX: 0.384
3, natural & healthy: 100% natural materials, no any chemicals added 
4, moisture absorption and air permeability 

5, easy to dye: more better dye ability.

When producing the Peppermint fibers, we extract menthol and other active ingredients from natural peppermint, make them into nanometer grade powders and then mix those powders with viscose solution. By the way of wet spinning, we produce the 100% natural peppermint fibers and then spinning them into yarns. During above production process, no any chemicals added, they are absolutely natural and eco-friendly.

TENCEL branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. ... 

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