Organic Muga Handspun Yarn

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Organic Muga Handspun Yarn
Organic Muga Handspun Yarn

 This natural coloured Muga silk is Hand spun in the villages of India , providing sometimes the only income for families.

The women are given a FairTrade wage.

 One of the rarest Silks in the world is the Muga silk from Assam. It is produced only in Assam and nowhere else. The fact that sets this Silk apart from all other versions is that it is totally golden yellow in color. The word `Muga’ means yellowish in Assamese. The source of it is the Muga Silkworm which goes back to the age of the dinosaurs and is so sensitive in nature that it cannot tolerate even the most minimum of pollution levels. It is made from the semi-cultivated silkworm named Antheraea assamensis. It is organic and natural and has the strongest natural fiber.

The silk is fine lace weight yarn and is strong making it ideal to weave in with other natural silk yarns 


Price is for one 100 gm skein



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