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Red Eri Silk Yarn 20/2 On Cones

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Red Eri Silk Yarn 20/2 On Cones
Red Eri Silk Yarn 20/2 On Cones

Eri is the Second of the " PEACE SILKS" where the silkworm is not killed in the process of collecting the thread .

Also known as Endi or Errandi, Eri is a multivoltine silk spun from open-ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk. Eri silk is the product of the domesticated silkworm, Philosamia ricini that feeds mainly on castor leaves.  

It is 30/2 so has 1500 metres per 100 gm 

This is a lovely natural luscious copper red coloured  yarn, with lustre, strength and softness , making it ideal for weaving, knitting and crochet work.

It will also dye beautifully , but why would you !!

Price is for one 250 gm cone. 

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